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A Guideline on Basic and Simple DIY Car Maintenance Tips To Save you Money

Did you know there are DIY car maintenance tips you can do to save your hard-earned cash? If you are like many people, each time you hear a sound coming from any part of your car engine, you cringe a little. Sadly, the majority of car services will need the use of lots of money. Some car owners will assume there was ever a sound coming from the engine by simply cranking up the volume. Another group of people will take the time to find out the source of the creepy sound and seek measures to correct the problem.

It would be best to address your car problems as soon as they crop up instead of waiting for them to get out of hand as that may be costly later on. The good news is that there are a couple of DIY car maintenance tips you will learn here to ensure your car is performing at its best. Continue reading to learn and discover more car maintenance tips that you can do-it-yourself.

How about you start with changing the car’s air filter once a year or as soon as the car hits 12,000 miles. Changing an air filter is not rocket science, it is something you can easily do as long as you can identify where your car filter is. If you are having trouble locating it, check through your car’s manual to see its location. Others will use the internet so be sure to find a reliable website that has enough information about your car’s model, and you are sure to replace the air filters in as little as ten dollars.

Your send step to a well-maintained car is changing the spark plugs once you hit around 30,000 miles. Your car’s manual will help you identify the location of the spark plugs and will often come in sets of four, six or eight depending on the number of cylinders the car has. It is important to mention here that the spark plugs are often installed in a specific order, so be sure to note how they are arranged before you start removing them.

The last DIY car maintenance tip you will learn here is changing your car oil which ought to be done every 3,000 miles. How about you start the process with a car that is completely cooled down. Make good use of the internet to find a website that will enlighten you more especially on how to set up a jack since you will need to get under the car to change the oil.

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