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3 Types of Vending Machines to Consider

Whether your business sees a lot of customers or employs many workers, vending machines are a simple way to show that you care. Having readily available food and beverages can help an employee who forgot his or her lunch or placate a customer whose wait time is taking longer than expected. In addition, these machines can be an additional source of income and require very little maintenance. Here are three different types of machines to consider when contacting a vending company Pittsburgh PA.

Hot Coffee

No one wants to deal with the person who forgot to make coffee in the morning. A vending machine that dispenses coffee will be a welcome sight to those seeking an extra boost of energy. It is an unexpected touch that you will be grateful to offer when someone needs it.

Cold Beverages

It’s important for employees and customers to have access to cold water. While a water fountain is a good start, a vending machine that dispenses a variety of cold beverages offers more options and will please customers. This is particularly necessary for hot weather, or if your business lacks air conditioning.

Delicious Snacks

There are two different ways to offer snack options. The first is a traditional vending machine that prompts customers to insert bills or coins, then drops the designated choice into a bin. Another option is to set up a mini-market where those interested can peruse a larger selection, then check out using a kiosk similar to the self-checkout line at the grocery store. If possible, rotate the snacks and keep the machines in a well-lit area to increase interest.

Keep your clients happy and employees productive by installing vending machines in your office or waiting room. There are several different kinds to pick and choose from in order to meet your needs.