Business Manufacturing

Purchasing an Industrial Blender

A well-conceived blender for industrial purposes is safe and reliable for everyday use, as well as easy to maintain and clean. Each style of the industrial blender, whether it is ribbon, cone, dual shaft, paddle, or rotary, has an individual utilization, and the right blender for the job will be efficient in producing its particular end product. Some units will cost less initially but more to operate per finished product. High-performance blenders generally have specific, unique features, and manufacturing them requires research into advanced technologies by engineering teams who consistently improve their designs. They are far more than mixers.

What to Avoid

Making a wise, long-term investment in a blender for your industry will mean collaborating with engineering and production personnel in a proven company with an exemplary track record. Here are three things to keep in mind as you prepare to make a purchase:

  • It is prudent to dodge a blind purchase from an auction or dealer; often, you will spend far too much on alterations, repairs, improvements, and installation, and still not have a warranty or consulting help.
  • A huge producer will most likely afford you little if any, customization and a small fabrication shop will have little experience to offer.
  • Buying blenders mass-produced in China can entail overseas trips, expensive shipping, and installation charges with no promise of consulting services.

How To Approach the Purchase

Seek out professional manufacturers with a sole focus on industrial blenders and that are capable of providing expert help in choosing the blender that matches your application. Ideally, you should also select a company that will do the following:

  • Build a blender that is unique to the bulk density of your product
  • Test your samples until they are satisfactory to you
  • Show you a variety of custom designs by highly qualified engineers and plant managers
  • Promise you a full warranty and guarantee of its work
  • Boast of quality construction for many happy customers of record

Buying any essential piece of machinery is a serious and costly undertaking. However, it can have a profitable outcome when you find a manufacturer able to meet your blending requirements.