Grupo Aval Planning to Host Earnings Call

Grupo Aval Colombian is a holding company that is involved in various types of financial activities that can be linked with telecommunications, real estate, and banking. You can find it in Central America and Colombia. The company is controlled by Luis Carlos, who has an estimated net worth of around 11.9 billion US dollars. He indirectly on around 80% of the shares.

Like any other holding company, comedy has a voting stock and many other companies to control their policies. Along with its interest in different industrial sectors, they also control some of Central America and Colombia’s top organizations in finance.

How to listen to the event?

The Host earnings calls were held on 20 May 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time. If you want to access or play the call, then you can register by emailing at [email protected] You can easily get the NYSE: AVAL at investment info from the company’s official profile to get additional info about them. This way, you can check out the previous recordings of the company.

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About Grupo Aval

Grupo Aval has a total staff of around 100 employees who are dedicated to identifying and analyses efficient financial and operating planning. It can also help in the recommendation of the implementation of the practices in the organization with the group control.

By learning both these objectives, you can check that the business is divided into three divisions, which are risk management, corporate services & technological information, and investment & strategic planning.

You can find that the Colombian trading company has a wide range of financial activities in various parts of Columbia and Central America. It has shares in various companies as it is a holding company, and they can make any major decisions and regards to the policies that can affect them.

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